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The cargo release procedure is the combination of the following three-releases:
* Customs release document called "Bon A Enlever";
* SGS Release document called "Stickage" to be done on original B/L;
* The shipping line release procedure called "Bon A delivrer" or "Bon De Compagnie".

Our agents contact the port of Conakry for:
* The facility where the goods are kept under bond and impounded after 3 months at Conakry port if customer does not release the consignment;
* Customs, police, environmental services if any chemical product.

Then with all the authorization Guinea Line logistics agents are allowed to load the goods for final delivery.

The transit time for the whole clearance from overall onto truck is approximately of 4 working days; provided that, the shipping documentation are on our hands since vessel sailing which allows us to perform the pre-clearance.
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