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Mining companies can directly negociate with the Guinea’s ministry of Finance, the implantation of an exemption contract for all the goods they will import into Guinea to perform their mining operations.

The exemption is supported by a “Cahier de charges”, which is a kind of mining list. This mining list is usually renewed every year. On the renewal date, the company gets the approval from the ministry of Finance to exempt the new list of goods that the company will import for the following 12 months and gives a copy of the mining list to the customs authority.

The above is a common description of the procedure and local rules and regulation in this domain. However, each mining company can negotiate directly its own exemption.

This is the reason why, it is very important that the mining company sends a copy of the exemption contract to Guinea Line in order to establish the most suitable procedure in respect with the local regulation.

The “Cahier De Charges” is pin pointed and counter checked by customs authorities at each importation in the country. We do highly advise that each issuance of a “lettre de Demande d’exoneration” which is the letter written by the mining company’s Conakry office and addressed to the customs authority in order to request the exemption of the imported consignment, the mining company Conakry office, does pin point, its copy of the “Cahier des Charges” in order to be sure that goods will be exempted.
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